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Meet Tina Donati:
Founder & Chief Storyteller


I've always been a curious person. When I was a child, I loved following my parents around and asking that dreaded "Why?" question—all of the time. 


This curiosity grew into a natural interest in understanding people and a love for telling their stories.


In fact, my first "business" was writing children's books in the fifth grade. I used lined paper, which I stapled together and displayed on my desk for my classmates to "borrow and read." I still remember the title of the first one: How the Calico Cat Got Its Colors.

As I grew up, I combined my love for storytelling with marketing theory. I pursued University degrees studying sociology, professional communications, and journalism to learn how to continue effective research and writing. Today, I study consumers and use stories to engage and persuade.

After more than seven years in my career, I'm proud to work with great businesses and help them succeed (more on that below).

The name ContentCurve represents our shared goal: help you grow by attracting more interested customers with great content—driving an upward curve in your growth chart.

I've worked with...


Freshly Commerce


The Good

Fuel Made

Ecommerce Tech

Alloy Automation

Loop Returns


Octane AI

Smile Rewards

Narcity Media


DTC Newsletter



& many others...



Daily Karma

Triple Whale





Results I'm proud of
(without mentioning names)


Increase in content download conversion rate via CRO audit.


Increase in organic traffic lead conversion rate in 1 year.


Increase in keyword rankings in positions 1-3 in 7 months.


Visits to one blog post that went viral in less than 24 hours.


leads driven in one year JUST from gated ebooks, shared organically.

"Tina is one of the most hardworking, thorough, and talented marketers you could hope to work with. She ramped up incredibly quickly and not only started producing world-class content right out of the gate, but her desire to learn and expand her knowledge of high-impact, content-adjacent areas had her working on everything from design to SEO and CRO."

- Tim, Head of Marketing at Smile Rewards

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