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Fuel Made

Fuel Made is an agency specializing in Shopify web design and development, conversion rate optimization, and Klaviyo email and SMS marketing. I worked with this team in-house and transitioned into a part-time freelance role for two years following.

My work: Long-form writing, case study writing, and copywriting

FM case study_edited.jpg


Case studies

Fuel Made has a strong visual portfolio from all of the web and email design work the team does, but their case studies were very outdated. We created several new ones in a few months to show off recent projects.



I sent monthly newsletters on behalf of the CEO and Director of Retention. I gathered data from recent client work to show "before and after" images, as well as highlight the team's opinions on trending topics to establish credibility through thought leadership.

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FM web.png


Website copy

In 2023, Fuel Made went through a complete rebrand, which included an entirely new design for the website—and new messaging. I supported in crafting the company's messaging house and using it to write copy for several pages on the website.


Blog writing

Fuel Made's content strategy was mostly editorial. The focus was on writing interesting pieces from our team's unique perspectives on what they see from clients every day versus focusing on keywords. Some of these pieces went viral—one drove 1,000+ people to the website in less than 24 hours.

FM blog (2) (1).png

"Tina is a machine. She generates five times more work than I’d expect from a normal human being. And the best part… it’s stellar quality!
She knows what questions to ask and how to turn them into a really interesting, relatable, and authoritative article. No wonder our industry looks up to her and trusts her instincts."

- Lisa, Director of Email Marketing at Fuel Made

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