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Gorgias is one of the most well-known customer success platforms for Shopify brands. It specializes in providing a unified platform for managing customer inquiries and support tickets, with a focus on automating responses and streamlining customer service processes.

My work: Article writing and ghostwriting

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Article writing

I create monthly mid-funnel content pieces that target specific keywords and showcase the value of Gorgias' products as solutions for the query. These pieces are full of quotes and interesting examples, taking a visual-first approach.



After interviewing influencers in the ecommerce industry, Gorgias asked me to create blog posts from the influencer's POV. These pieces are highly shared on social media and drive a lot of credibility for Gorgias.

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"Tina has been one of our most reliable freelancers. Her work is consistently high quality, delivered on time, and exceeds expectations. I know I can count on her to tackle everything from SEO-driven articles to ghostwriting for a subject matter expert. It's been amazing to work with Tina and I'm looking forward to everything we can partner on in the future!"

- Alexa, Senior Content Editor at Gorgias

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