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Content strategy

Lay the foundation for successful content marketing campaigns. I'll create a tailored plan that includes topics, keywords, a calendar, and more.

Starting $3,000 USD

Long-form writing

In-depth, informative, and engaging articles, case studies, or guides that captivate your readers and establish your authority in your niche.

Starting $1,000 USD/project


From persuasive web copy to engaging social posts, onboarding flows, and beyond, I'll craft copy that drives interest and conversions.

Starting $500 USD/project


Polish your content to perfection—and I'm not just talking about grammar. I'll edit your campaigns to enhance their impact on your target audience.

Starting $500 USD/project


Let me bring your ideas to life anonymously. You'll receive professionally crafted content that reflects your voice, expertise, and vision without any credit.

$1,000 USD/project

The full package

Want it all? Combine my services into a full content solution. Think of me as a PT strategist and writer, fully embedded into your team's operations.


Starting $6,000 USD/month

Podcast editing & remastering

Your show gets the dedicated editor it deserves. Edit your intros, outros, and ads while ensuring noise reduction, cleaning, volume matching, and more. 

Starting $500 USD/4 episodes

Content repurposing for distribution

You've done the research, I'll do the writing. Turn your podcasts and webinars into engaging blogs and social posts, extending your content's lifespan.

$1,500 USD/project

Company messaging & editorial guidelines

Define your unique brand voice, create messaging guidelines, and establish editorial standards to ensure consistency across all channels.

$500 USD/project

Don't see what you're looking for?

Share your content needs with me, and I'll craft a custom package that aligns with your requirements.

My 3-step process


Topic selection & outline creation

Together, we choose the perfect topic and angle.​ I'll then create an outline in Google Docs based on my research. You'll hop into Google Docs and share feedback. 


Draft & collaborative editing

I'll craft the first draft and send it to you for review. You leave your edits in the draft, and I make those changes promptly. There's no limit to revisions.


Final approval

We work together until we reach a final approved version, and then I'll send over the invoice. I offer a variety of payment methods, including direct deposits, etransfers, bank transfers, credit card, and PayPal.

Start with a free consultation

Discover how your content could drive better results (and how I can help).

Recognize any past clients?

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"Tina is a machine. She generates five times more work than I’d expect from a normal human being. And the best part… it’s stellar quality!
She knows what questions to ask and how to turn them into a really interesting, relatable, and authoritative article. No wonder our industry looks up to her and trusts her instincts."

- Lisa, Director of Email Marketing at Fuel Made

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