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Chase Dimond YouTube Channel: Email Marketing Strategies to Bring Customers Back After Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) are great for acquiring and converting customers. However, you'll typically be the least profitable during this timeframe due to leveraging large discounts and offers.

Email Marketing Strategies to Bring Customers Back After Black Friday - YouTube 2024-03-03

Managing Editor Magazine: Lessons From a Content Marketer on Breaking Up With Burnout

Nikki Carter, contributor at Managing Editor shares my story about exiting the corporate world to pursue my own content marketing agency, and the lessons learned along the way.

Content Briefly: Tina Donati’s Strategy for Mastering Technical Subject Matter

During the discussion, I offer a comprehensive overview of Alloy, its customers, and the structure of my team. I also shares my career journey and highlight the importance of communication and collaboration in the workplace.


Shogun: Top 14 Ecommerce Influencers You Need to Follow to Level Up Your Site Experience

Shogun created this list of top ecommerce influencers and industry resources for you to follow (I'm listed at #8!). Everyone featured has a pulse on everything ecommerce and regularly shares hot takes on the changing landscape.

B2B Better: How to Apply D2C Best Practices to Your B2B Marketing Strategy w/ Tina Donati

In this episode, Jason and I talk about what D2C fundamentals can (and should!) be picked by B2B marketers...covering real-world examples from the consumer side of the aisle and how they can be applied to enterprise sales. 


Mike Blankenship: 10 Best SEO Content Writers For Hire in 2023

Mike curated a list of some of his favorite SEO freelance marketers, including myself!

Top of Mind: How To Experiment With New Marketing Channels with Tina Donati

Marketing moves quickly. And if you're not trying new channels and content types, you may fall behind. I joined Stewart Hillhouse to share what I've learned from being on the cutting edge of content marketing.


The Jeff Large Podcast: How Active Listening and Critical Thinking Impact the Quality of Your Content

In this episode, we cover

  1. Content repurposing best practices.

  2. How to get the most out of interviews.

  3. How to maximize the impact of your content with critical thinking and active listening skills.

Retention Chronicles:  Improve your retention rate with these tips

On this specific episode we chat about so many different things as they pertain to customer retention, like making a good brand impression, valuing and knowing your customers, customer first data, personalized surveys and quizzes, and so much more. 


Atomic Media: Creating Content that Connects with Tina Donati

Day-to-day, brands might be more concerned with open rates and sales funnels and buyer personas. When push comes to shove, though, great storytelling is fundamental to meaningful content, and it’s rooted in something much older than modern marketing.

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