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Alloy Automation

Alloy Automation in integration platform for product and development teams. I worked in-house at Alloy as the content lead for two years, focusing on organic growth through blogs, guides, case studies, social media posts, email campaigns, and partner marketing.

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Full content strategy

I led Alloy's content strategy, which focused on a hub and spoke model. We created pillar pieces and supported them with related topics. We then got creative with how we distributed these pieces with a $0 budget.


Ebooks, reports, & more

Every quarter, I created an industry playbook, report, whitepaper, ebook, or other downloadable asset. These always performed well with a lot of organic social engagement.

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Social media

Throughout this time, I created the strategy for and ran Alloy's social media channels. We posted at least once per day and focused on engaging visuals to capture attention from quick scrollers.


Email flows & campaigns

I created Alloy's monthly customer and prospect newsletter, as well as all of our top-of-funnel and mid-funnel nurture flows. I continued to optimize these campaigns every few quarters.

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Case studies

Every quarter, I published three case studies. For each, I interviewed Alloy's customer and worked with our success team to find an interesting angle. I wanted to go beyond simple numbers and share a story that other prospects would resonate with.


Conversion rate optimization

I conducted a technical SEO and CRO audit for Alloy's website, focusing mainly on content pages like the blog, guides, case studies, and specific landing pages. Based on the results, we redesigned several pages to improve our content conversion rate and cleaned up our technical debt.

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Industry playbook

I wanted to create a playbook to showcase the value props of integrations and why Alloy is the best solution to create them, but I wanted to take a different approach than the standard downloadable PDF. With our design and development team, we created an interactive and personalized content experience.

"Tina was a pleasure to work with at Alloy. As our Content Lead, she drove key SEO initiatives that helped us rank for critical keywords in our space. Over the course of two years, I’ve also had the pleasure of watching her evolve as a content strategist and am confident she can lend her skills to a variety of different startups."

- Sara, Co-Founder and CEO of Alloy Automation

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